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creates beautiful silhouettes of your loved ones!
hand-cut silhouettes from your photos
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Raise funds for your school or charity!
Silhouette Fundraiser
Geoff makes it easy for you to host a fundraiser!
Stand out and be remembered!
Parents adore silhouettes of their children!
Silhouette Promotions
Silhouettes can be mounted on a card with YOUR logo or message!

Just advertise with a poster or through your newsletter, take a minimum of 25 appointments and you receive up to 25% of sales at the end of the event.

You could make from $150 to over $1,000 from sales of extra copies and mats!
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Silhouettes by Geoff are a rare form of miniature portrait art and are mounted on high quality Conservation board suitable for framing and make wonderful gifts that will be talked about for years to come!
Why not host a promotion and give your valued customers silhouettes of themselves or their children?
Beautifully cut Silhouettes by Geoff make the perfect giveaway
that will be remembered and treasured!
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Create lasting goodwill with your valued customers.
Unforgettable weddings and parties!
Silhouettes at weddings and parties
Watching a silhouette artist at work is highly entertaining for your guests.
Every time they look at their silhouettes,
they will always remember YOUR special occasion!
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Guests enjoy having their Silhouettes done!
Using just scissors, black paper and and an eye for detail, Geoff skillfully cuts an amazing likeness in minutes! Priced from $25 your silhouettes will become a much admired family heirloom and a real conversation starter!