At the fundraisers, the largest mounting board that I have available is 28cm x 35.6cm (11" x 14"). It would be possible to group four or maybe five subjects together. The 28cm x 35.6cm (11" x 14") mat would accommodate three or possibly four grouped. If you wanted to group more than that, you could either supply the mounting material at the event, or take the silhouettes on the dry adhesive glue paper, then mount them yourself onto whatever size background you like.
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• Can pets be done ?
Yes, either live or from photographs. The nose needs to be on the right side of the picture for me to cut accurately.
• Can people be done from photos ?
Yes, same as for pets above. The photo must be a 100% profile, not a three quarter view. Include some of the chest area and all of the head and hair. Right side profile as above.
• What if I don’t like the silhouette ?
If you are not satisfied with the resemblance then I will recut. If you decide that you would prefer some detail changed, such as having eyeglasses included, and then decide not to include them, you should order a second silhouette and pay for it.
• Can I get more than two extra copies ?
Sometimes I can manage a fourth copy, depending on the amount of detailing involved. For example, hair with many curls and ringlets may have the detailing compromised by adding an extra piece of paper. Scheduling a second sitting may be necessary, and you would have to pay for a second original.
• If three of my children are grouped into one picture, is that one extra copy ?
No, that would constitute three extra copies, as I charge per head. Or it would constitute three originals, depending upon how many groupings you were having made.
• Can any age child be silhouetted ?
Yes, even as young as several days old, as long as you can hold the head up. Four to six months is a good time to start as the child can usually support their own head.
• Can I reproduce the silhouettes ?
Yes, I often tell people to scan them into their computer and create Christmas cards, stationary, iron on transfers etc. As long as you are using them for your personal use, you have my permission to reproduce the silhouettes. Using them in some commercial venture would require my permission and compensation to be discussed.
• How many silhouettes can be grouped together ?
• Can I have the silhouettes cut full size ?
Not at the fundraisers. I cut freehand and cutting huge paper with the small scissors I use would not result in a high quality silhouette. I do offer to do them at home from photographs, but I charge double the price of the smaller silhouettes. Traditionally silhouettes were cut in miniature.
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