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Mats and mounting boards are acid free, buffered to an alkaline pH Conservation quality paper by Peterboro and endorsed by the Fine Art Trade Guild and the Library and Museum Archival Standards. Glues and tapes used in creating your silhouettes are also acid free ensuring you will have a quality heirloom that will last and be treasured for years to come.

Unless otherwise specified, each silhouette original and any copies are separately mounted on 12.7cm x 17.8cm (5" x 7") Conservation quality mounting boards which can be placed into rectangular frames of the same size.

The presentation of a silhouette is enhanced enormously when it is framed with a double oval mat. A Double Mat is a couloured layer over a black layer. Both have bevel cut ovals which show the white of the mat board core. The black mat oval is slightly smaller and this creates a thin black oval around the silhouette.

Nested silhouettes of two people are best presented on a 20.3cm x (8" x 10") Double Mat with larger ovals of 15.3cm x 20.3cm (6" x 8") as they require a bit more space.

You may decide to have several silhouettes individually mounted and their copies mounted as a group on a 28cm x 35.6cm (11" x 14") mounting board with your choice of Double Mat.

Please label each photo with the name on the back and please carefully describe on the back of the order form how you would like each one of them mounted.

Families of five or more including pets are possible in a nested form. Anything is possible! Feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.
Thanks for your order!
Geoff Pearce
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Antique Rose
Riviera Blue
White Linen
Silhouette original
cut from a single sheet
of black paper
Copy cut at the same time as the original from a double sheet folded
Extra copy cut by inserting a single sheet
into the folded sheet
  Double mats - Colour
over black for single silhouettes

           $15 each
Extra Copies make
Great Gifts!
Acquire a profile photo(s) preferably of the right side profile of the person(s) having their silhouettes done preferably standing to have good posture, like the photo at left. To avoid distortion of the profile image, ensure that the camera is at least two or three metres away from the subject. They should have a relaxed look to their face and not be eating or smiling, just looking straight ahead at eye level. Long hair should be pulled back to expose the neck and chin. If a girl has very long hair down to the middle of her back, I can either cut the hair short so that the head size is correct, or swirl the hair into an "S" shape which indicates long hair while keeping the head size correct. Please tell me which option you would like.
Once you have printed the mail order form, fill in your details and enter the quantity of originals and copies you would like. For example, you might like to order originals and copies of two children and have the originals mounted individually and the copies mounted as a group. Please consider how you might like to mount your silhouettes and draw a picture with names. Also, please clearly label your photos and they will be returned with your order. If you would like mats, have a look at the silhouettes below.

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