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You can schedule sittings at the rate of ten per hour (or one every six minutes). This is the maximum rate at which I can cut, glue down, package everything and write receipts.

If the promotion is one in which the silhouettes are given away, I can cut at the rate of twelve to fifteen silhouettes per hour. I like to work for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of five hours.

If your promotion is where silhouettes are being sold, you need to schedule at least twenty five sittings in order for the promotion to be profitable for me. Fifty sittings is where I like to call it a day.

If you find that you have a tremendous response and require more time slots, we can discuss whether scheduling a second day is best, or extending the hours is better.

At the end of each hour, I need 10 minutes for a stretch and comfort break.

 Often I only get to use five minutes of this time for the actual break, and the rest of the time goes to catching up if some appointments have gone over the allotted time per person.

A lunch break for 20 minutes should also be scheduled. If I am engaged to work at an hourly rate, the lunch break is not included as part of the overall working time.

Things I require at the Event

A well lit area with a card table or equivalent size

At least two chairs - for the customer and me

At least one helper/promo person. This person's duties are to:

I could do all the above myself, but it would slow me down considerably.
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