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Hosting a Silhouette Promotion

Would you like the opportunity to promote Your store or brand in a way that touches the heart while creating brand awareness and building customer loyalty?

    But how can you achieve this?

By offering Silhouettes of Your customers and their children without all
 of the "over-the-top" hype that normally goes with advertising.

Whilst some promotional give-away products like baseball caps, T-shirts and drinking bottles etc. are good for certain brands or companies, unless it is a really useful item, eventually it loses its appeal and gets put in a box never to be seen again or thrown away.

   The promotional value of the give-away eventually dissipates.

   However, this just doesn't happen with Silhouettes!


Because Silhouettes are highly personalised!

After watching a silhouette artist at work, who is going to discard a beautifully created paper portrait of themselves or their children?

Your customers or clients will place their Silhouettes in frames and proudly display them on the mantle piece or wall for all to admire for years to come!

Having their Silhouettes done by Geoff at your event is a special time that will be forever remembered and talked about. As the years go by, the Silhouette itself gains more priceless emotional value as a treasured keepsake that is irreplaceable.

So how can you achieve this kind of long-term remembrance in the minds of your customers or clients?

It's really quite simple!

Discretely printed in a corner of the white card the Silhouette is glued on, are the words

"With the compliments of (Your Name)."

Every occasion your clients and customers admire their hand-cut Silhouettes, the memory of that special time at Your event, posing while Geoff snipped away, comes flooding back along with the name of Your store or company that sponsored the event!

Their friends will ask,

"...where did you get it done?"

and Your customers or clients will say,

"There was this amazing Silhouette Artist at (Your Name) event and it was absolutely fascinating to watch! He just looks at your face and cuts it out of black paper!"

The live artform of silhouette cutting is highly entertaining in itself as Geoff's scissors work their magic creating lovingly crafted portraits.

The added bonus is that the people at Your event get to take them home
as a memento of the occasion!

People will watch mesmerised, as Geoff himself once did in Disneyland, as portrait after portrait magically appear and all during this time Your store or brand is linked to these fascinating moments.

Geoff was so taken by this unique and rare art form, he decided
to become a Silhouette Artist!

Now, as Geoff is the only known Silhouette Artist in Australia, you have a rare, one-of-a-kind opportunity to sponsor a really special promotion while entertaining your clients and customers with this unique artform and promote Your brand way into the future…

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