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It's an easy way to raise funds where your school or charity earns a portion of sales of silhouettes. All you do is advertise through your newsletter or website or let parents know that a Silhouette Artist will be coming to your location soon.

Compared to cake stalls and getting kids to sell chocolates etc.,
 a Silhouette Fundraiser is easy to organise:

              ~ Geoff Pearce is the only person you need to talk to and he is happy to
                       answer any questions anytime !

              ~ no special day required: Geoff can work any day of the week !

              ~ you receive 25% on silhouettes and 20% on mats !

              ~ book appointments (min. 25) and you could make from
                       $150 to $1000 from sales of extra copies and mats.
Parents simply adore hand-cut silhouettes of their children!
Why I like Silhouette Fundraisers

Did you know that rents at shopping centres and festivals can range
from $120 to well over $500 per day?
If I come to your suburb these are the fees I can expect to pay.
Now as long as I have enough customers throughout the day, I'm happy to pay the rent!
Whenever I come to a suburb to cut silhouettes at a festival or shopping centre, there are parents who will want to have silhouettes done of their children,

                                    so then one day it occurred to me...

It's a huge gamble !
"Why should the shopping centres and markets get the rent money?"
"Why not do silhouette cutting at schools or charities and give the rent money to them?"
And so the idea of a Silhouette Fundraiser was born.
What are the benefits?
              ~ It's an easy way to raise funds that you can turn into an annual event.

              ~ Parents know well in advance that silhouette cutting is happening at their
                     school or charity, usually on a weekday and have time to save for their
                     purchases without having to rearrange their children's
                     weekend commitments.

              ~ It's educational for children to learn the history of silhouettes and
                      experience this rare form of miniature portrait art
                      from one of the world's few remaining artists!

              ~ Minimal intrusion into the time of parents, teachers and students!

Why not consider holding a Silhouette Fundraiser?
However some of the problems I have at these venues are:

              ~ waiting around for long periods until shoppers arrive then having a
                      frantic last minute rush trying to get everyone done by closing time!

              ~ the weather! At some outdoor events it is either too hot, windy or it rains!
                     This means few customers turn up and there are no rent refunds.

              ~ by the time people tell their friends who would like their silhouettes done,
                      I will have moved on.

              ~ not knowing if there will be enough paying customers just to make the rent!

For you:
For me:
              ~ I have a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere with a constant flow of work.

              ~ I get to spend time with my family on the weekend instead of working!
What is a Silhouette Fundraiser?
How to host a Silhouette Fundraiser
                  Contact me and I will send you a comprehensive Information Pack

Contact me now
Further ideas for charities
Get the most out of your celebrities!
Further ideas for schools
Does your school have few students or is in a remote location?

You can still hold a fundraiser! How? - over the internet!
Have a teacher take profile photos of students and email them to me.
I will then cut the silhouettes and mail them back.
Students get to learn how to use attach pictures to emails and learn how business works over the internet!

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Order online
Order by mail
For more info, please read the other fundraiser pages. If you need to present the Silhouette Fundraiser idea to a committee, please download, print and staple all the pages together to make a comprehensive brochure.
~ order forms
~ appointment booking sheets
~ sample silhouettes and mats
~ a display poster
~ instruction sheet for helpers
~ a press release to generate local interest
~ a checklist of things to do
              ~ Children are given an order form for parents to fill in.

              ~ You schedule appointments and collect deposits.

              ~ On the day, I set up in a spare room to cut, mount and package the
                      silhouettes with a few helpers looking after the children.

              ~ At the end of the day, receipts are totalled and you receive your funds.
~ Have their silhouettes done and autographed.

~ Take a photo of them holding their silhouettes.

~ Auction off the silhouettes to the highest bidder!