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You can schedule sittings at the rate of six per hour (or one every ten minutes). This is the maximum rate at which I can cut, glue down, sell mats, package everything and write receipts.

Leaving five or ten minutes in between family groups might be a good idea, and then you can fill in that extra time if absolutely necessary. If we don’t need to fill in those time slots, we can proceed at a more relaxed pace.

You need to schedule at least twenty five sittings in order for the fundraiser to be profitable for both myself and your group. Fifty sittings is where I like to call it a day.

If you find that you have a tremendous response and require more time slots, we can discuss whether scheduling a second day is best, or extending the hours is better. Every two hours a break needs to be scheduled so that I can stretch.

A lunch break should also be scheduled. The breaks should be about twenty minutes in duration. Often I only get to use five minutes of this time for the actual break, and the rest of the time goes to catching up if some appointments have gone over the five minute allowance.

• A well lit area with a large table (banquet size is best)

• Several chairs

• A quiet area or separate from where children are likely to be running around. This distracts the subject.

• A few helpers from your group. I generally write the receipts as it can be confusing for others to know the difference between originals and extra copies, and the pricing. Someone else can be the cashier. A helper to bring children to and from class is sometimes necessary, and a helper to keep the subjects looking straight ahead as often as possible. This is achieved by talking, or using a puppet or a book. At fundraisers where people have not pre-ordered, they may need to have everything explained to them, and this is best done by somebody other than myself, if I am having to adhere to a rigid schedule.

• A helper to act as receptionist to welcome people and check their names on the appointment schedule.

• A cheque from your group (if the money has been payable to you) for 75% or 80% of the gross. Having the cheque available at the end of the event is greatly appreciated and should be arranged with your treasurer ahead of time.
Things I Will Require at the Event
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