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silhouette fundraiser
Twenty-five percent of the silhouettes and twenty percent of the mats and ten percent of frames (when frames are available) go to your group.

I write up triplicate receipts, so that all parties, the client, your group and I will each have a copy.

Occasionally my fundraiser will be held in conjunction with a larger event, like a bazaar where there are other vendors. I prefer to keep the silhouette money separate, so that if there is any discrepancy at the end of the day, we can easily figure it out. When the money gets collected at intervals during the day, and mixed in with all the other money, I always expect problems. At these type of events there is likely to be a central cashier, and somehow receipts always seem to go missing and then without the cash, rectifying is impossible.

At some events the cheques are made out directly to me and I can also offer to process credit cards if this is the case. On advice from my accountant I am not collecting GST at this stage. I will write you a cheque at the end of the event for your percentage.

If you are a non-profit group, you can have the cheques made out to you. I am then wholesaling the goods to you, and you will be responsible for the tax according to the requirements of your state.

If you send home order forms and have them returned to you ahead of time with the payments, you will know prior to the event , how much money your group will make.
It is possible to make from several hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars for your group in one day.

The sales of extra copies, and mats or frames can make the difference between an okay day and a spectacular day.

That is why having the event at a time when people are buying gifts is better than at other times of the year. Since the extra copies are produced at the same time as the original, no extra time is required to make them. If the customer has these extra copies matted or framed, the amount of the sale can be significantly more than for someone who has only ordered a single silhouette.

Make sure to let people know about the extra copies, as often they will not realize these are available (at half the normal cost).
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