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                                                   Fundraiser Overview

Are you looking for an easy, hassle free way to raise funds for your organisation?

Why not consider holding a silhouette fundraiser? While cake stalls or second hand
goods markets etc. may raise funds, they can be a nightmare to organise.

You have to think of things like:

It's a lot to accomplish! By comparison, a Silhouette Fundraiser is easy to organise !

Geoff also has public liability insurance and a police clearance to work with children.
                                   (Certificates available upon request)

If you need to present this idea to a committee, please download all other pages
about the Silhouette Fundraiser which are available at: www.artinblack.com.au

Should you decide to go ahead, I will send you a compendium of information including:

To enquire about hosting an event, please call Geoff Pearce on 0414-248-000.
I look forward to working with you soon!